Enrichment Workshops

Healing Angels of the Energy Field - This workshop is perfect for anyone who loves angels and would like to work with them. You will learn the special healing gift of each of the nine Healing Angels.

Spirit Camp for Kids - This week-long camp for kids ages 5-12 focuses on mindfulness, yoga, the Law of Attraction, an attitude of gratitude, working with chakras, auras, affirmations, shamanic journeying, power animals, and many other topics. Each module is introduced using crafts, games, songs, and stories.

Vision Board Workshop -  In this two-part workshop, you will define your personal vision through meditations and other exercises and create a physical representation of your vision.

Transformation Workshops - Ready to receive more joy? Ready to shed your limiting beliefs? Tap into the energy and support of your spiritual guides. These workshops use the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® and our Angel guides to help you shift your personal and spiritual paradigms in alignment with your heart's desires.  You can take a 7-module series or just those modules that call to you.  Each module helps you to continue your personal transformation and ascension.  

Sacred Relationship Workshop - Gain a new perspective on relationships in your life, whether platonic or romantic. Learn how to increase the sacredness of existing relationships, and how to attract new sacred relationships.

Monthly Workshops:

Energy Share - Join us for a mixed modality energy practice/sharing session! Everyone is welcome, whether you practice a healing modality or not. You will receive a 10-15 minute healing session from one or more certified practitioners (at least one being an IET practitioner). 

Healing Circle - In our monthly Healing & Empowerment Circle, we bring in the energy of Angels, and guide you through channeling angelic energy to provide healing. Join us for this gathering of like-hearted people, under the guidance of an IET Master-Instructor, to give and receive angelic energy healing. No experience needed!