IET For Kids!

The half-day Integrated Energy Therapy® for Kids class has been developed especially for children ages 7 to 12. The class provides children with the gift of knowledge in a fun atmosphere.


Examples of what the student will experience:


  • IET for Kids Attunement*: Students will receive a basic level IET “energy attunement” that will permanently open their energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic Level ray.


  • Angelic Heartlinks: While many children have not lost their natural ability to connect with the energy of angels, we teach the children to access the energy of angels through a simple yet powerful process that we call a Heartlink. A “heartlink” is a connection made with the angelic realm in which you can actually visualize a golden chord going from your heart, through your throat, up through your head and then up to the angelic realm or to a specific angel, usually Angel Ariel or one of the other “Healing Angels of the Energy Field”. Once your Heartlink has been established, children learn how to send love up to the angelic realm or that specific angel and you will find that the love returned is multiplied from the angels to further assist them.


  • Angel Wash: Students learn how to focus angelic energy to wash their energy field clean.


  • Kid's Eye View of Energy Anatomy: Using age-appropriate images and simple concepts, children are introduced to cellular memory and how to clear it with the angel wash technique. 

Logistics* (unless otherwise specified)



This is an 3-hour class.

Class typically runs 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00.  



Pathway Of Joy's studio


  • Class is limited to 8 students

  • Light refreshments are provided (usually juice/water, fruit, cheese sticks, and a piece of chocolate... please let me know of your child's food sensitivities)


  • is welcome to stay and quietly observe, or leave child with Linda for the class

  • is encouraged to join us for the last 15 minutes to participate in our Angel Wash

  • will be asked to sign a release before the class begins

Upcoming dates*

  • Check our Calendar or our Online Booking page (under Training/Workshops) for upcoming dates of this class

  • If you don't see a date that works for you, contact us to schedule a perfect date for you*

  • Let Linda bring the class to you... this class can be offered at your location with a minimum of four to six (depending on your location) students

Class Fee: $35 (register at least two weeks in advance - discounted fee of $25)

Includes illustrated workbook, all materials, printed certificate, and a light snack


Pre-Registration is required

*Please note that graduates of this class are not certified as Basic Level IET students.  Once they reach an appropriate age, they may wish to take the regular Basic IET training in order to practice the full Basic techniques and advance to higher levels of IET training and attunement.​