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Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET)

"Getting the issues out of the tissues"

Experience Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), one of the next-generation hands-on power energy healing systems. IET safely supports you in releasing traumas, stress, and limiting beliefs & patterns that can be affecting your health, energy level, and general well-being.

How can IET help you?

IET works by releasing cellular memories from your body and filling you with healing energy. Cellular memories are suppressed traumas, emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs. Releasing these energy blocks allows your life force energy to flow freely, resulting in improved health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Benefits include:
  • Guilt is replaced with Innocence

  • Distrust is replaced with Trust

  • Shame is replaced with Spiritual Pride

  • Threat is replaced with Support

  • “Shoulds” (weight of the world) are replaced with Freedom

  • Heartache & Betrayal are replaced with Love

  • Anger & Resentment are replaced with Forgiveness

  • Stress & Powerlessness are replaced with Ease

  • Fear is replaced with Safety

  • Blocks that prevent you from living your life's purpose are removed

What to expect during an IET session with Linda

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) works by releasing cellular memories. Cellular memories are suppressed traumas, emotions, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. that are stored in the tissues of your body which block energy flow, thus affecting your physical and emotional health as well as your energy level. IET is able to release deeper or more difficult blocks that Reiki alone can not remove because is a stronger and higher vibrational energy. During an IET session, whether it be in-person or a distant session, Linda will visit each area of your body where these cellular memories are stored, releasing the cellular memory and replacing it with the opposite. She will also clear your Soul Star and align your 12-strand energetic DNA.  This is all accomplished via light touch for in-person sessions, and is accomplished simply by tapping into your energy field for distant sessions. During your session, Reiki energy will also be flowing, so you will receive the benefits of both forms of healing.

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