Holistic & Metaphysical Services

You can choose which services you would like or Linda can intuitively choose for you.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) - IET® is a powerful energy healing technique that safely supports the client in releasing trauma, stress, and limiting beliefs/patterns affecting their health, energy level, and general well-being.  The techniques also imprint the client with empowerment energies as well as a Soulstar clearing.


Akashic Records Readings - The Akashic Records contain the vibrational records of every soul and its journey. When you receive a reading, you gain valuable information to help you align with your soul or higher self. The Akashic Records are also a great place to discover why certain patterns appear in your life.


Kundalini Reiki - Kundalini refers to life force energy coiled up at the base of your spine.  

In a Kundalini Reiki session, we work to awaken the Kundalini, and draw the earth

energy up through your root chakra, and up through your major energy centers.  

Linda can employ any of the Kundalini Reiki techniques during a healing session
combined with IET and Usui Reiki, or conduct a session for you focused only on the
powerful Kundalini energy.

Theta Healing - During the process, you are able to identify what it is that you are meant to learn from experiences and patterns in your life, releasing you from needing to continue to repeat these experiences and patterns.

Melchizedek Method - The Melchizedek Method offers a unique healing experience.  It employs holographic 5D techniques to provide healing and rejuvenation. Linda energetically builds the perfect holographic setting for your healing and calls in our Guides. She will then go through a series of techniques to clear your chakras, meridians, and more.

Reiki Treatment