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Melchizedek Method healing

What is the Melchizedek Method?

The Melchizedek Method offers a unique healing experience.  It employs holographic 5D techniques to provide healing and rejuvenation.

What should I do to prepare for my session?
  • There is very little you need to do to prepare, other than identify one or two areas of focus.  This can be physical, emotional, energetic, etc.

  • It is recommended that you are always well hydrated before and following energy work.

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What happens during a session?
  • If you have scheduled a Distant session, you will connect with Linda via Zoom (the link will be provided in your appointment confirmation.)  Otherwise, you will meet Linda in her studio.

  • You and Linda will first have a conversation about how this session can best serve you.

  • You will then be seated in a chair with your side toward Linda, about 4' from her.

  • Linda typically plays relaxing meditative music for in-person sessions, and welcomes you to do the same if you have scheduled a Distant session.

  • You then simply relax, as Linda energetically builds the perfect holographic setting for your healing, and calls in our Guides.

  • She will then go through a series of techniques to clear your chakras, meridians, and more, working within your time-space continuum.

  • Note that this session is done completely without touching.

Linda is certified through the Kamadon Academy as a Level 2 Melchizedek Method practitioner.

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