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A Billion Words... (and the joy of brevity)

What is this "billion words" that I speak of??

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But this concept does not seem to go far enough. For many (myself included) it seems that it can be harder and harder to put to words what we are experiencing. We are shifting more to communicating through our vibration.

So this concept came to me a few years ago, as I was truly beginning to understand the value of our vibration, and how it carries so much more than the words we speak. When I see my clients are struggling to explain to me what they seek for support, I tell them “It’s ok… you don’t need to tell me - just hold it in your heart.” The “it” that we hold in our heart to reflect our desires is, indeed, a vibration.

But how did I get to “a vibration is worth a billion words”? Well (being a math and logic geek at heart), I used my own version of the transitive property.

First of all, it’s widely accepted that: A picture is worth a thousand words.

1 Picture = 1,000 Words

Next, I contend that: A feeling is worth a thousand pictures.

Think about it! When you look around you, and all of the “pictures” that fill your line of vision at any instant, and the feeling you have in that moment, aren’t there at least a thousand pictures? (My blog, so I’m using my theory here.)

1 Feeling = 1,000 Pictures = 1,000,000 Words ...WHOA!!

I further contend that: A vibration is worth a thousand feelings.

Those of you who “get” vibrations from an energetic and spiritual perspective will see the reasonableness of this contention. The rest of you… well just trust me. How your body, mind, and spirit are vibrating at any instant can reflect a huge conglomeration of feelings… maybe a thousand?!

1 Vibration = 1,000 Feelings = 1,000,000 Pictures = 1,000,000,000 Words ...EUREKA!!

Scientifically proven? Nope. But it makes perfect sense based on my perspective and my faith.

You might wonder why this is important. Even if my theories are off by an order of magnitude, the point is this… sometimes words are unimportant. Sometimes it is more important to just be, and to allow yourself to connect into the be-ing of those around you. So the next time you are struggling to come up with words to explain what you are FEELING or your current state of VIBRATION, cut yourself some slack, let it settle into your heart, allow yourself to be silent, and just BE.

(And the brevity part of this… many thanks to my dear friend Marie who guided me to be brief this month… which inspired me to write my blog in record time.)


I welcome you to sign in and share your perspective on this... or just an image... or a feeling... or just BE!

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