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Messages from your Guides, July 2019

On July 16, 2019, I facilitated a group distant Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) energy session for over 30 people - my friends, family, clients - anyone who set the intention to participate. I set the intention that anyone who intended to participate but was unable to register, for whatever reason, would also be included.

Perhaps some of these messages are meant for you? Read on...

Would you like to learn more about IET? Perhaps have your own private healing session? Maybe even become certified to facilitate IET sessions for your clients, friends, and yourself? Even for your pets? I can help you with all of that. Visit the "Contact" page of this website, or write me at


Thank you to all who joined in the group healing session. There were about 30 of you, and the energy was quite intense!

Presented below are the impressions I received during the session. One impression might apply to multiple session participants. Review them, and if any statement resonates with you, then perhaps it is for you. Please understand that I cannot offer any additional explanation or interpretation of these impressions.

The impressions are in the form of:

  • Messages: These will be in quotes, and will be verbatim what I heard. Some of these may have been expressed by you / your inner feelings and beliefs. Others were expressed by our Guides (i.e. the Angels we work with) who were providing the healing. It will likely be obvious to you which are which.

  • Images / Scenes / etc.: Here are statements more of what I saw, felt, sensed, or experienced. These are presented without quotes. Note that if I observe a particular animal, plant, color, number, etc. that seems to resonate with you, you can look up “what is the spirit meaning of ____” and you will find possible interpretations.

And finally, the feedback is broken up by an Opening, nine areas where we first “cleared” and then “empowered”, and a Closing. This session followed the process and teachings of Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET). If you are interested in learning more about IET, receiving a private IET session for yourself or your pet, or becoming certified in conducting IET sessions, please contact me.


  • Carnations (pink)

  • Butterfly

  • As I connect to each of you, I feel the energy in my heart center growling larger and stronger. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • “Be as it may, this is not what you might have expected it to be. It is much much more than that. Please be not afraid. Let these energies support and soothe you”

  • Lots of angel wings.

Clearing Guilt (Crown chakra)

  • Image of a lion with a crown – reminds me of the one on Rudolph, island of misfit toys.

  • Feeling a lot of pressure here.

  • “Holding in guilt can be extremely constraining. Allow your self to learn from what you judge rather than be weighed down by it. Let me help you to find a new light and new ways, rather than fearing the past. All is well. All can and will be forgiven.”

  • Feeling a connection of this guilt to also feeling threatened.

  • Very thick energy in the throat. Implies that the guilt being held is keeping you from speaking or being yourself. Working to clear that for you…

  • As we are releasing your limiting beliefs, feel also a pain in the heart center that is beginning to loosen and release.

Empowering with Innocence:

  • Feeling tears of joy

  • “How lucky am I that this can be released… the burden is gone”

  • “Shame on me” (this is being released)

  • Getting a sense that someone is having a hard time allowing themselves to release the guilt. That is ok. Just give it time. Be open to self-forgiveness and self-love.

  • “Shortcut”

  • Getting the sense that some out there do not believe they can be forgiven. That it will take a lifetime of repentance. Please know that The Divine does not intend for it to be that hard and painful for you.

  • “Remind them that holding onto the guilt maintains a barrier between us and them” – what that means is that the guilt creates a barrier in your crown, that masks some of the Divine light from getting through. Be open to self-love and self-forgiveness.

Clearing Distrust (3rd Eye Chakra)

  • Sensing a lot of stress connected to distrust.

  • “The worst thing possible” – this seems to be connected to someone fearing that they cannot trust their own intuition for fear of what may happen. We are working to release that belief

  • Image of riding a bicycle straight up a cliff.

  • A feeling of wooziness. A sense that “this is ok” from some of you even if it feels foreign.

  • Connection of distrust to the sacral chakra.

  • Releasing limiting beliefs of distrust from the legs. Whatever is keeping you frozen in place / inaction, aligned with not trusting your intuition.

  • “Allow the ice frozen around your feet to melt. Then you can move forward. We love you and will help you to melt it and set yourself free”

  • Sense that whoever has been particularly stuck in not trusting their forward movement is beginning to release it. It feels a bit uneasy and stressful, but “… know that you are ultimately divinely guided, and can follow the path that you truly desire. Maintain your cloak of compassion, and all will be well. Ignore the judgment of those who doubt you.”

Empowering with Trust:

  • Feeling weight on the shoulders. Please do not let this new freedom of “trust” put you under pressure to be anything other than what you are.

  • Now feeling lighter and lighter, particularly in the heart. Beautiful!

Clearing Shame and blocked self-expression (Throat Chakra)

  • Sadness I the heart. A sense of lack in self-love.

  • “My dear please do not hold this brace around your heart. You are beautiful. You cannot see what we do, but please trust us that you are AMAZING in every way”

  • Feels like a large rubber ball stuck in the throat. We will release that.

  • Sensing a lot of nervousness and stage fright as we release this. “Know that you do not need to perform. Only share what you desire to share. It’s your truth and your essence. You can be that, and more.”

  • The weight some are carrying here is extremely heavy. For some, it might not be comfortable to fully release it. Know that you will only release what you are ready to release. It’s ok… let go.

Empowering with humble Spiritual Pride:

  • “Making amends for what was done will help your ego to feel better. That’s great. Know it is not necessary, but if it is what you desire to do, then so be it”

  • Looking for a loophole

  • Opening the door to release a sense of betrayal as you take back your pride.

Clearing Threat:

  • Dizziness as this releases.

  • “This can’t beat me! I’m stronger than that!”

  • “Trust your intuition when dealing with the threat in your life. You cannot rely on the advice of others.”

Empowering with Support:

  • Image of armor

  • A strong brace going up the back.

  • “Invincible”

  • Breaking out in a smile.

  • “I’m starting to see now that there is another way”

Clearing “Shoulds” / Codependency / Being over-responsible:

  • You guys seem to be ready and raring to release this one!

  • Heart hurts as release from the physical level. If you are holding onto an obligation that is very close, it’s time to reassess. It seems to be connected to betrayal.

  • “You should be taller. Stand up straight” (releasing that)

  • “It’s always HIS way!”

  • Releasing limiting beliefs, I feel pain in my ears as if there’s a very high pitch noise. Dog whistle or something like that. It hurts.

  • “You can’t be on vacation when I am”

  • “It’s the most meanest thing anyone could say”

  • “It’s not right for her to be the twin”

  • “Give me back my …”

  • Diamonds

  • Extravagance

Empowering with Freedom:

  • Running around in circles

  • A swirling image of purple and lime green

  • Beachball

  • Starting to breathe easier

  • Football stadium

  • Pure joy, and a sense of disbelief that I can actually be free to be

Clearing Heartache & Betrayal (Heart Chakra)

  • Bluebird

  • Shivering

  • Very tired

  • Connection between the emotion here, and feeling stuck in place.

  • Lifting up your chin to the face of God.

  • Emotional layer here is very thick. Taking some time to clear it. Limiting beliefs also.

  • Sandbags

Empowering with Unconditional love:

  • The name “Vanessa”

  • White lily’s

  • “Going through this patch can be real, and sad. But let if flow. Let it heal. Let it unstick what is stuck inside of you. You will see how it helps you to be the self you desire to be”

Clearing Resentment and Anger:

  • Self-pity

  • “It’s ok my child. Your humanness cannot help but feel that way. First accept that. The rest will be cake for you”

  • Connection to third eye / intuition

  • “Forget about it. Forget about us. You SOB.”

  • Frustrated sadness

  • (I am openly crying at this point.)

  • “Forgive us. We’re so sorry.”

  • An eagle is flying in

  • “Round and round we go”

  • (Lots being said by all of your souls at once now… “they” hear you even if I cannot sort out what I am hearing)

  • “Anger sounds the drum louder than 1000 suns”

  • “If it burns you, don’t touch it”

  • “Forgo that last donut”

  • Electronics??

  • Physical anger connected to threat.

  • “Anger thins the herd. But solo is not the way to go here. Bridge that gap. It will take a team of horses.”

  • A very large release for some at the limiting belief level.

Empowering with Forgiveness:

  • “It pleases me to be at one with you. This joining of our hearts with yours can do noting but leave you lighter and happier. Praise it. You deserve it. It’s the liberation you have been seeking.”

  • “Forgiveness is so important your soul. I think you are beginning to see that now. But be gentle with yourself. You cannot move the whole mountain in one day.”

  • A peanut in its shell

  • Generally feeling energy build

  • A sigh of relief

  • “Oh my gosh is this what it’s like to be free?”

  • A blanket of support over the shoulders.

  • Hear a group singing… sounds like a men’s choir, perhaps an African spiritual song. Very joyful. I can actually feel its vibration and it’s highly supportive.

Clearing Stress (Solar Plexus)

  • Some bright pink flowers. Not sure what they are. Resemble lilacs but they are not lilacs.

  • Finding myself being distracted here. Getting that it’s a message for some of you, that the stress you feel may be connected to not allowing yourself to be present for the one thing that is most important in your life. They ask that you consider that now… what’s really important to you… and give yourself the freedom and permission to put your attention there.

  • Very thick stress at the physical level, connected to the throat. Being unable to speak about your stress perhaps. Releasing that.

  • Jellyfish

  • Connection to closed crown chakra. Please know that you are not alone in your stress.

  • “It’s the first time that I tried this and it’s just not working out”

  • Very thick limiting belief, along with a leopard cub.

  • As it finally releases, it’s as if I am looking over a bluff, and can see that there is a very vast expanse or downward cliff in front of me. It’s green grass up to that point.

  • Heartache

  • Huge bank of fog

  • “Commencing the breakdown”

  • “There’s a first time for everything” along with a sense that someone out here knows they can do it but also doubts they can do it. The negativity has been winning, up until now.”

  • “Yup, ready for the glory!”

Empowering with Ease:

  • Stomach pain. Know that it may take time to get comfortable with lack of stress.

  • Geronimo

  • “Fun times will ensue”

  • My right leg is getting very active. Indicates forward movement driven by your male (overt / active) energies.

  • “Sensational awareness is now key. Allow yourself to believe in the good in others and the kindness of strangers. It runs deeper than you think. Many a king is cloaked in rags. Do not judge.”

  • “Seeking the truth is as important in believing the headlines. The truth is known well below the surface. Raise it up.”

  • Mystical sense

  • Sweet sunshine

  • “Grace under pressure… you will make it look easy”

Clearing Fear (Sacral Chakra)

  • An oak leaf

  • “I’m scared, truly scared”

  • A puffin

  • “What if he can’t be trusted this time? Where will I go next?”

  • Compensating for your lack of understanding

  • Very thick in the limiting beliefs

  • Subjugation

  • Lofty ideals

  • A starfish (or sea star)

Empowering with Safety:

  • “Fear is the first part of the crime. The second part is allowing it to overcome you. You hare stronger than that. Know you are safe”

  • A gorilla

  • Championship “By this we mean being a champion for others. Winning as you do on your planet is unimportant to us”

  • Conjugal visits

  • See a roman soldier

  • “Be aware of blessings in disguise. You are receiving far more support than you realize on your journey.”


  • Saddle shoes

  • “They will awaken each in their own time. You cannot rush them” (I think this was more of a message for me but I’m sharing it anyway)

  • A pink mist surrounding all of us.

  • An angelic being pulling up the blanket and tucking us all in.


If you participated in this session, I hope that you found comfort, wisdom, strength, and healing in some way. I would love to hear your impressions.

Please log in and share your thoughts here. Please do NOT share anything highly personal; while this is a secure website, its content is publicly accessible.

With gratitude and blessings,


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