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Let's learn... share... transform...

We are now well into the fall. I am LOVING reconnecting with clients and students in new ways. And yes I am well into planning out a 2024 to help take you to the next level in your healing, empowering, and self-care:

  • The months of 2024 are starting to fill in. Come back often and see what's lined up!

  • How about an Energy Healing or Reading... for YOU or for YOUR PET

  • Thinking ahead to the holidays, or even special gathing next year, let's plan a special workshop or event for YOUR group, or even 1-on-1 training

  • Or let's just talk to about how to remove barriers to your life plans in a free consultation

See you soon!!

Image by Jamie Ginsberg

Events Calendar

  • Click any event for more information or to schedule it.

  • Private sessions available most days for people and for pets.

All events are available both online via Zoom, and in person in the POJ studio, unless stated otherwise.

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