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What to expect during an Energy Healing session with Linda

First Linda will discuss your healing and empowerment goals with you.  Then all you need to do is relax, and open your heart, mind, and soul to let go of your traumas, and receive beautiful healing energy. You will lie on your back, fully clothed, on a Reiki table (or seated in a chair if you prefer), while soothing music plays. You might feel physical sensations (tingling, warmth, cold) or emotional release (laughing, crying), or receive other images through your own senses... or you might have no notable sensation / observation during the session.  Healing is happening regardless!

Based on your specific healing / empowerment intentions, Linda will typically employ light-touch techniques* of

(See descriptions of each method below.  Note that healing can be done hands-free on all or any part of your body if you have any sensitivities to touch.)

  • This healing will help you to clear your energy field of trauma energy and bring your empowerment energy to the forefront.
    Examples: Replace Anger with Forgiveness, Heartache with Love, Stress with Ease.

  • Linda often receives Divine messages on your behalf during your session to share with you.

  • As a result, many clients experience improved overall energy, joy and empowerment.

Linda reserves the last few minutes of your appointment to debrief your healing session, answer your questions, and allow you to become grounded before leaving.  Note that for 24 hours (or even up to a week) you might continue to release; Linda remains as a resource for you if questions arise during this period.

Linda also offers:


All sessions can be held in-person, or as "Distant" sessions.

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