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Kundalini Reiki Certification series
From Novice to Master in this 3-part series

This training includes three sessions, two hours each, typically scheduled about 1 week apart.


Level 1:

Provides introductory information, your first attunement, and the start of self-practice.

Level 2:

Provides an additional attunement, and the start of sharing this energy with others.

Level 3 / Master-Teacher:

Provides additional attunements, several other energies to share with others, and the ability to pass on training / attunements to others.

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Kundalini refers to the potential of psychic energy within us, in the life force energy coiled up at the base of your spine. In a Kundalini Reiki session, we work to awaken the Kundalini, and draw the earth energy up through our client's root chakra, and continuing up through their major energy centers.


In this 3-part certification series, you will:

  • be introduced to Kundalini Reiki terminology and techniques,

  • receive attunements up through the Master level,

  • give and receive a full session, and

  • become certified to practice and teach Kundalini Reiki.


  • A workbook

  • A practice quick reference guide

  • A Kundalini Reiki poster

  • Membership in out Kundalini Reiki community



  • After registration, you will receive a PDF of the manual, and prework instructions.

  • After completing all levels, you receive a certificate, as a Kundalini Reiki Master-Teacher


In Person vs. Distant/Online:

Kundalini Reiki training and attunements can be delivered as a distant event, or in-person. I offer this series in both formats.

Kundalini energy centers depicted for Kundalini Reiki Certification, Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master

Learn or Experience Kundalini Reiki

  • Join one of our Public Events for group certification training, either in our studio or online via Zoom.

  • Prefer private 1-on-1 training, or a training with your circle of friends? Check our Private Workshop options.

  • To experience what it's like to receive Kundalini Reiki healing, schedule a Private Session.

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