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Kids' Programs!

Pathway Of Joy offers something for every member of your family.  And that includes a couple of workshops that are just for kids!

Learn more about:

Kids for Peace
IET Kids

IET For Kids!

The half-day Integrated Energy Therapy® for Kids class has been developed especially for children ages 7 to 12. The class provides children with the gift of knowledge in a fun atmosphere.


Examples of what the student will experience:


  • Connecting with Angels: While many children have not lost their natural ability to connect with the energy of angels, we teach the children to access the energy of angels through a simple yet powerful process that we call a Heartlink. A Heartlink is a connection made with the angelic realm in which you can visualize a golden chord going from your heart up to the angelic realm or to a specific angel. Once your Heartlink has been established, children learn how to send love up to the angelic realm and find the amplified love and support returned from the angels to support them.


  • Angel Wash: Students learn how to focus angelic energy to wash their energy field clean. It's sort of like a car wash, but instead of soap and water, think of Angel energy washing away stresses and fears.

  • IET for Kids Attunement*: Students will receive a basic level IET “energy attunement” that will permanently open their energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic Level ray.

  • Kid's Eye View of Energy Anatomy: Using age-appropriate images and simple concepts, children are introduced to our energy body map, and how to replace "bad" feelings with "good" feelings with the IET energy and techniques. 




This is a 3-hour class.

Class typically runs 9:00-12:00, 12:00-3:00 or 1:00-4:00.  



Pathway Of Joy's studio in Buxton Maine



  • Class is limited to 8 students

  • Light refreshments are available (usually water/tea/cocoa, fruit, "Kind bars" or similar... please let me know of your child's food sensitivities). Your child is also encouraged to bring their own favorite snack.


  • is welcome to stay and quietly observe or leave child with Linda for the class

  • is encouraged to join us for the last 15 minutes to participate in our Angel Wash

  • will be asked to sign a release before the class begins

Upcoming dates:

Class Fee: $45 (register at least two weeks in advance - discounted fee of $35)

Includes illustrated workbook, all materials, printed certificate, and a light snack

IET for Kids.png

*Please note that graduates of this class are not certified as Basic Level IET students.  Once they reach an appropriate age, they may wish to take the regular Basic IET training in order to practice the full Basic techniques and advance to higher levels of IET training and attunement.​

Spirit Camp for Kids! 

Transparent SC Logo tree and words.jpg

When children go to school, they nurture their minds,

When children play sports, they nurture their bodies,

When children go to Spirit Camp, they nurture their spirit!

Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp is a fun program for children ages 5-12.  The programs encourage participants to explore their inner world using methods that introduce them to ancient wisdom practices. Campers learn to take responsibility for their thoughts, words, and actions as they participate in games and exercises that demonstrate the effects of positive and negative energy on our bodies, our communities, and the world we live in. This teaching reinforces the concept that we are all connected in the web of life and have a personal responsibility to be mindful of our words and actions.  

The curriculum includes mindfulness, yoga, the Law of Attraction, an attitude of gratitude, working with chakras, auras, affirmations, shamanic journeying, power animals, and many other topics. Each module is introduced using crafts, games, songs, and stories. Whether joining us for the in-person week-long Day Camp, or the online multi-week Virtual Camp, the children have a fun-filled experience while learning important holistic techniques that will set them up for success as they develop into adults who have learned self-reflection, self-regulation, and self-nurturing in addition to compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.  

Spirit Camp Day Camp


As a certified Spirit Camp teacher, Linda is very excited to offer a week-long Spirit Camp day camp each summer!  See details below of what our campers will experience.

Day Camp


June 17-21, 2024

limited to 10 campers


Pathway Of Joy NEW* studio

River Road

Buxton, Maine

Time: 9:00am - 3:30pm daily

  • Drop children off between 8:45-8:55am

  • Pick children up between 3:35-3:45pm

  • Contact Linda for pre/post-care options

Fee information:

  • Reduced fees with early registration:

    • $200 if you register at least 60 days in advance

    • $225 if you register at least 30-59 days in advance

    • $250 if you register less than 30 days in advance

  • 10% family discount when registering more than one child from the same household

  • Deposit: Pay $75 per child at registration, with the balance due 2 weeks prior to camp

  • Contact us for scholarship / finance options


  In early 2024, Pathway Of Joy will be relocating to a new private location, with lots of outdoor space as well as a new facility. The new location is on River Road in Buxton Maine, just a couple of miles from our current Main Street Buxton location. Specific address will be provided when we have an opening date.


Day Camp experiences

Each day is filled with activities, crafts, stories, and sharing. 

Crafts include making and learning about use of:

  • Dream Catcher

  • Talking Stick

  • Fairy House

  • Pendulum

  • Spirit Toolkit

  • and more

Activities include:

  • Sensing energy

  • Working with chakras

  • Communicating with trees

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Meditation

  • Dousing

  • and much more


  • Parent / guardian will be asked to complete an intake form for each camper.

  • Campers are asked to bring their own snacks and lunches.  Linda will have some whole fruit and water available, along with a few other snacks.  She will check with you regarding camper's dietary sensitivity prior to camp.

  • Campers are asked to bring their preferred sun screen and insect repellant.  Linda will have some available if a camper forgets.

  • Many activities will take place outside. Campers should dress accordingly, and bring extra clothes if the weather warrants.

  • Linda adheres to State CDC guidelines. Other wellness considerations:

    • Our inside work area is spacious and airy.  Kids will be able to enjoy each other's company without being crowded.

    • Linda will have plenty of hand wipes and sanitizer available.  But campers are welcome to bring their own.

    • Details on requirements will be provided closer to the camp start date.

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