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Transformation Workshop Events

Are you seeking MORE JOY in your life? Are you ready to SHED your LIMITING BELIEFS?  Would you like to more effectively tap into the energy and SUPPORT OF your SPIRITUAL GUIDES? 

These events use the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® and our Angel guides to help you shift your personal and spiritual paradigms in alignment with your heart's desires.  You can take a 7-module series, or just those modules that call to you.  Each module helps you to continue your personal transformation and ascension.  


  • In the first Steps to Transformation series, we will connect with Angels, clear karma, experience true forgiveness, and experience what it is like to live in perfect balance.

  • Then in the Higher Steps to Transformation series, we will tap into a World Angel Grid to explore healing, joy, and compassion, and use tools and techniques including a Joy Stone, Heart Hug, Crystal Key, and others.

  • In each workshop, Linda will share an angelic energy connection with you, helping you to "get the issues out of your tissues for good"!

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Content Details / Class Format / Scheduling


What is included in each Series (Click on any module name for more details)

Steps to Transformation series:

Step 1: Heartlink (connect with Angels)

Step 2: 12-Strand DNA

Step 3: Clearing Karma

Step 4: Forgiveness

Step 5: Empowered Heart

Step 6: Future Life Progression

Step 7: Freedom

Higher Steps to Transformation series:

Step 8: Grid Healing

Step 9: Pure Joy

Step 10: Compassion

Step 11: Homecoming

Step 12: Unity in Action

Step 13: Ascension Process

Step 14: Being Love, Living Love

Series Details... what you will experience

Linda will provide instruction and also guide you through an angelic meditative energy process to help you learn about and experience each step, with an independent session for each of the Steps.


Each session is highly interactive.  You will complete a brief writing exercise during many of the sessions to help you focus in on how the teachings will benefit you.  And there will be plenty of time to ask questions and to optionally share experiences.


Step 1


Connect with the Energy of Angels

Step 1.png

Did you know that Angels are always with you, ready, willing and able to support you?  In this module, we set the stage for further transformation, by helping you to connect more deliberately with your Angels.

  • Identify your transformation goals

  • The basics... "Angels 101"

  • Experience a "Heartlink" connection with an Angel, and have a conversation with them

  • Learn how to instantly re-activate your angelic connection, and how to share this beautiful energy with other people in your life

Step 1

Step 2

12-Strand DNA Activation

Wake up your energetic anatomy

S2 12 Strand.jpg

Our DNA goes well beyond that physical double-helix that we learned about in high school.  We will explore both the physical and non-physical DNA that we carry, and go through a beautiful meditation to turn up your DNA's resonance.

  • Learn about how your DNA dictates not only your physical attributes, but also your emotional, mental, and soul profiles, and aligns you with your soul's mission

  • Experience activation of your 12-strand DNA, to move you toward your many heart's desires

  • Establish a special hand mudra to instantly re-activate your 12-strand DNA whenever you want

Step 2

Step 3

Clear your Karma

Reduce the brick walls on life's path to speed bumps

BANNER Karma.png

Karma might not be what you think.  It's not about life "getting even" with you for your past digressions.  Karma is here to provide you with important life lessons.  Learn more here, and shift your karmic energy.

  • Learn about karma's role in your spiritual evolution

  • Identify and clear your "unwanted" karma

  • Learn how and why to instantly clear your karma

Step 3

Step 4


Experience the freedom of releasing that painful baggage

Step 4.jpg

Life often hands us lessons through painful experiences, seeming to be a the hands of another person, or a situation we cannot control.  In this workshop, we work to release the pain and the burden that keeps on us, while retaining the wisdom, and taking back our power.

  • Learn the meaning of true forgiveness, and its importance to your physical, emotional, mental, and karmic well-being

  • Understand the role of love and compassion

  • Identify and clear past and present anger and resentment, toward people, settings, or even yourself

Step 4
Step 5

Step 5

Empowered Heart

Discover your perfect balance and state of bliss

Step 5.png

Imagine living your perfect life, in your perfect vocation, experiencing joy as your norm.  That's what it's like to live from an Empowered Heart.

  • Understand your potential to live from an Empowered Heart, and what that means to you

  • Identify your life's Essential Action

  • Experience a meditative shift to achieve energetic balance, validating your life's essential action

Step 6

Step 6

Future Life Progression

Journey to your perfect life

Future Life Prog.jpg

You probably have heard about a "past life regression".  But how about a "future life progression"?  In this module, we will take an angelically guided journey to a lifetime where you are living your essential action... living from an empowered heart (this builds upon Step 5's experience).

  • Learn about and meet your Soul Council

  • Take an angelically guided journey to a future life that perfectly embodies your soul in human form

  • Review your journey with your Soul Council, and imprint the journey into your cellular memory

Step 7


Cuttingcords of


It's time to untether yourself from the energetic cords that are holding you back, and become more FREE to be!

  • Understand the meaning of true Freedom

  • Learn about "human energy cords" and how they differ from "heartlinks"

  • Identify and cut the cords that are not serving you

  • Empower your soul's energy

Step 7

Step 8

Grid Healing

Raise Your Healing Vibration

S8 Healing Vibration.jpg

Answering the Angels’ call to action, we will assist them in completing the World Angel Grid, designed to increase harmony, peace, and health in the world.  You will experience high levels and high vibrations of Angelic energy, which will help with your energetic self-healing.  A win-win!

  • Learn about of the World Angel Grid

  • Identify healing goals that are important to you

  • Clear resistance to love and imprint empowerment to aid in healing yourself and others world-wide

  • Connect with the World Angel Grid, and receive healing gifts from each of the nine Healing Angels

Step 8

Step 9

Pure Joy

Your natural state of being

s9 Pure Joy.jpg

Joy is your natural state of being, in perfect harmony with your soul’s purpose.  We will continue to assist the Angels by adding a layer of Joy to the World Angel Grid, with the assistance of the wonderful Angelic beings known as the Cherubs. You will learn how to invoke joy… how nice!

  • Learn more about joy from the perspective of the Angels

  • Participate in adding a layer of Pure Joy to the World Angel Grid for yourself and others

  • Gain new perspective on “blessing” people in your life to raise the energy of peace

  • Learn how to invoke this process whenever you want​


Please bring a "joy stone" to be used in this process (any small smooth item made of clay, wood, or other natural material)

Step 9
Step 10

Step 10


Let compassion bloom

s10 Compassionate Living.jpg

We will build upon the Joy, moving us to an even higher energetic vibration, Compassion!  Living with compassion rather than anger or indifference, many experience a significant positive shift, in their own contentment and what they attract into their lives.

  • Experience the Angel Wash Process to clear out energetic trauma from our cellular memory and provide positive empowerment imprints

  • Learn and experience Angel Ariel's HeartSeed Process to foster compassion, and see it bloom brilliantly in your life

  • Experience time spent within the Dimension of Love

Step 11


Come Home to Yourself

s11 Homecoming.jpg

This module is about moving out of the dimension of fear, and into the dimension of love, coming home to yourself. You will use your psychic communications skills to begin our journey “home”, and begin to feel your unity with All That Is… with universal energy. That’s just the beginning… this is a wonderfully relaxing and affirming workshop.​

  • Meet your personal angel guide who will help you to discover your healing and empowerment Heartlight

  • Work with your angel guide to create a safe and powerful inner sanctuary

  • Move deep within this sanctuary to experience the energy that unifies all life, which will move you beyond your ego’s idea of self, to discover your true spiritual self

Step 11

Step 12

Unity in Action

The key to your Heart's Code

s12 Heart Code unity.jpg

What activities are you passionate about, versus activities where you merely go through the motions? In this fun workshop, you create a “crystal key” encoded with light language to unlock your heart’s code. You will use it to “test” activities for alignment with your Heart’s Code… your Divine Direction. 

  • Experience Angel Ariel bringing in Unity Shift energy, which moves you to the crystalline vibration

  • Journey to the highest angelic realms where, working with the support of your personal angel guide, you create your personal crystal key which you will use to unlock your heart’s code

  • “Test” various activities with your Crystal Key for alignment with your Heart’s Code


Please bring a small crystal (fits comfortably in your closed palm) to use in this process.

Step 12

Step 13

Ascension Process

Create Your Heartstar Energy Center

You might know about your Soulstar, the energy center where the energetic potential of your life resides. Do you know about your Earthstar and your Heartstar? In this workshop you will learn about these energy centers and how they relate to your ascension. You will create your Heartstar, empowering your Heart chakra with blended energies from the other two energy centers.

  • Learn about your Soulstar, Earthstar, and Heartstar

  • Learn the qualities of living in the state of ascension

  • Merge your Earthstar and Soulstar to align your life with the energy of the Unity Wave and create the optimal energetic vibration for you to experience Ascension

  • Create your new "Heartstar" energy center

  • With the energy from your Heartstar, experience living within the state of ascension 

Step 13

Step 14

Living Love,
Being Love

Bringing unconditional love into your life

This workshop is the final module of the Steps to Transformation series. It’s about loving rather than judging, and living in the angelic ideal of being. You will enter into a deep state of being, experiencing pure unconditional love.   It’s a very beautiful workshop.​

  • Build your own personal angelic energy grid, woven into your human energy field by the angels

  • Establish a unity heartlink connection with others, connecting your Heartstars and together entering into a state of pure unconditional love

  • Bring unconditional love into every aspect of your life

Step 14
Format and Schedule:

These workshops can be conducted in various formats, and can be offered both "in person" as well as virtually via Zoom.  You may attend all seven modules within a series, or just those modules that are of interest to you.

You will find information below for the Transformation Steps series (Steps 1 through 7), and the Higher Transformation series (Steps 8 through 14).


Two-day Format

Each of the seven-module programs is conducted over two days, with each module running 1.5-2 hours, and a short break between each.  This can be either as a two-day retreat, two consecutive Saturdays, etc. 

Multi-Week Format

Each of the seven-module programs is offered as a multi-week series, with one or two modules each week.


Upcoming dates

  • See upcoming classes below.

  • Any of the Steps can be scheduled as individual workshops. Contact Linda to discuss.

  • Let Linda bring the class to you... these workshops can be offered at your location, or at our studio with your group of friends. Contact Linda to discuss scheduling options.

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