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Client Intake & Waiver

To facilitate mutual understanding of expectations for private sessions (healing sessions, readings and some workshops), our clients are asked to complete an Intake Form.  For in-person sessions, you will complete this form (or something similar) at our studio.  Clients booking "Distant" sessions/events are asked to complete and submit this form online.

Please complete and submit this form prior to your "Distant" session or Online workshop
(all fields except "Comments" are required)
Client age:
Is this client's first session / event with Linda Huitt?
How did you hear about Linda Huitt / Pathway Of Joy?
WAIVER: (1) I understand that Linda is not a medical professional. The services / workshops she offers are not intended to replace traditional medical / psychiatric services. (2) As a result of today’s session, I may find myself “bringing up” past traumas / concerns, which may present as anxiety, crying, joy, laughter, fatigue, high energy, etc. These are a normal part of the clearing process.
WAIVER, cont.: (3) I understand that I may contact Linda with questions or concerns that come up for the week following the session / event. (4) I hold Linda harmless for physical or emotional changes that result following this session / event.
We email clients no more than twice / month with special offers, educational information, etc. ...May we include you?

Thanks for providing your information! 

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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