Individual Healing in a Group Environment

Join us for an Energy Share, or a Healing & Empowerment Circle. Each offers you individual healing in a compassionate group setting, for an economical price! 

* No experience is needed to join in

* Pre-registration is suggested to ensure we have enough space for everyone


  • Scale of $0-$25 for events held at Pathway Of Joy's studio

  • $25 per person to bring either of these events to your location (minimum enrollment required)

Energy Shares


Join us for a mixed modality energy practice / sharing session! The main focus of this Share is Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET*), but all energy healing modalities are welcome.

If you are IET certified, this is a great opportunity to practice under the guidance of an IET Master-Instructor. Additionally, if you are a certified practitioner of another healing modality compatible with IET (e.g. Reiki), you are welcome to come to the table to share your healing gifts, working alongside the IET practitioners. 


Everyone is welcome, whether you practice a healing modality or not. You will receive a 10-15 minute healing session from one or more certified practitioners (at least one being an IET practitioner). Many participants who have had no prior experience with IET have experienced significant releases of energetic blockages during one of our Energy Shares. All are welcome to share and ask questions about their experiences (sharing is optional), and support each other on our soul’s mission. 

We begin each Share with a meditation to Heartlink to our Angels of Healing. During the Share we also conduct a Blessing Bowl exercise to aid in manifestation of your desires. 


This Energy Share is typically held every 1 to 2 months on a weekday evening. To confirm date/time, please consult our CALENDAR.

Healing & Empowerment Circle


Our monthly Healing & Empowerment Circle is similar to the monthly Energy Share, but with a little different format.  We bring in the energy of Angels, and we will guide you through channeling angelic energy to provide healing.  This gathering is a combination of group meditation and discussion, along with working in pairs to provide specific healing in alignment with each person's intentions.

Join us for this gathering of like-hearted people, under the guidance of an IET Master-Instructor, to give and receive angelic energy healing.  The group meets typically one Sunday of each month from 10am to noon.