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Individual Healing in a Group Environment

Join us for an Energy Share, or a Healing & Empowerment Circle. Each offers you individual healing in a compassionate group setting, for an economical price!

No experience is needed to join in. Everyone is welcome!

Energy Share
Energy Shares


Join us for a mixed modality energy practice / sharing session! All energy healing modalities are welcome.

This is a great opportunity to practice under the guidance of an experienced Lightworker.


Everyone is welcome, whether you practice a healing modality or not. You will receive a 10ish minute healing session from one or more certified practitioners. Many participants have experienced significant releases of energetic blockages during one of our Energy Shares. All are welcome to share and ask questions about their experiences (sharing is optional), and support each other on our soul’s mission. 

We begin each Share with a meditation to Heartlink to our Angels of Healing. (Heartlinking is an empowering and healing Integrated Energy Therapy® technique.)


This Energy Share is held monthly. See scheduling information.

Healing Circle
Healing & Empowerment Circles


Our Healing & Empowerment Circles are similar to Energy Shares in that it provides individual support in a supportive and safe group setting. But it has a format based in Integrated Energy Therapy®, offering multiple rounds of healing to each participant during this event. We will:

  • Bring in the energy of Angels, and  channel angelic energy together.

  • Work in pairs for more focused healing.

  • Enjoy group meditation and discussion.

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! You will be guided every step of the way by an experienced IET Master-Instructor Trainer.


For 2023, we have suspended the monthly gatherings. However you can schedule this wonderful gathering as a private event for your group of friends. See scheduling information.


Find the public or private offering that is perfect for you.

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