Because we care...

All of us who share our beautiful studio care about the wellness of our clients, family, and ourselves.  We follow all Maine CDC guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission of contagious illnesses, including Covid19.  Our protocol includes:

  • Having all clients complete a Wellness Survey before arrival.  (While each practitioner has her own survey, we each ask the same questions.)

  • Requiring masks to be worn upon arrival, and any time that the distance between people is less than 6'.  To reduce "mask time", we do allow masks to removed while everyone is seated and more than 6' apart, but only if both the practitioner and client are comfortable with removing masks.

    • UPDATE: Effective Nov 6 2020masks must be worn 100% of the time, regardless of distancing.  Masks may be removed temporarily during meals, but otherwise must be kept on while inside the building.​  This updated protocol will remain in place until the Maine Governor's office rescinds this part of the Executive Order.

  • Requiring practitioners to wash hands before entering the studio, and applying hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.  We request this of all clients as well.  We keep an ample supply of hand sanitizer placed throughout the studio.

  • Wiping down high touch surfaces between clients, and utilize an alcohol spray.  This includes furniture, pens, etc.

  • Running two UVC air filters continuously, to clear the air of particulates to the extent possible.  We also periodically open windows (weather dependent) to exchange the air.

Additionally, I have adjusted how I serve my clients.

  • As always, private energy sessions and readings, as well as coaching sessions through Clarity Coaching Solutions, are available both in-person and as Distant services.

  • Most events and workshops are offered with an option participating online via a live Zoom connection.  This opens up our events to a greater number of participants.

  • In-studio events are limited to 4 students, giving us more room to safely distance.

  • Because many people have challenges on financial resources currently, yet their need for energetic wellness has never been greater, some of my events have a temporary significant reduction in fee.  Our monthly Energy Shares and Healing Circles are "fee optional"; you can pay your choice of any amount of $0 to $25 for these events!  Check our Calendar for upcoming events.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Wellness Protocol, please contact me.

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