What to expect during a Distant (Remote) Session

I can perform any of my healing sessions and readings remotely. This is called "distant healing".

A distant IET or Reiki healing session can be used to send healing energy to a person, place, situation, or relationship in any place or time (past, present, or future). Energy is not limited by time or space; therefore, it can be used to heal past traumas or help with future events, such as surgery, as well as healing you in the present moment. The same goes for Marconics No-Touch healing; the energy is not bound by space or time.  Similarly, a remote Akashic Records reading can be used to address any of the questions you would ask in an in-person session. 


For a distant IET, Reiki, or Marconics No-Touch healing session, you can be anywhere doing anything. The preferred method is for you to be lying down in a comfortable quiet place so you can fully experience the treatment on a conscious level. We would set up a designated start and finish time prior to the treatment. At the specified time, we would have a telephone conversation to discuss your specific concerns / needs*.  Once we hang up, I perform the treatment by remotely scanning, healing, and balancing your energy centers, working as directed by the guides, and following the protocol for the chosen modality. You can expect to experience the same sensations and results as you would in an in-person session.  After the session we have another conversation to discuss observations and any questions you have*.  Allow one hour for the full session, including the pre- and post- conversations.


Typically for a remote Akashic Records reading, we are together on the phone for the full 30-minute session, so that you can hear the messages as I receive them.


*For a Marconics No-Touch session, we have conversations before and after the healing primarily to answer your questions.  This session is between you and your guides, with them acting for your highest and best good.  As such, we do not set intentions before, nor do I receive messages during the session on your behalf.