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What to expect during a Distant (Remote) Session

I can perform any of my healing sessions and readings remotely. This is called "distant healing".

A distant energy healing session can be used to send healing energy to a person, place, situation, or relationship in any place or time (past, present, or future). Energy is not limited by time or space; therefore, it can be used to heal past traumas or help with future events, such as surgery, as well as healing you in the present moment.  Similarly, a remote Akashic Records reading can be used to address any of the questions you would ask in an in-person session. 


For a distant energy healing session, you can be anywhere doing anything. The preferred method is for you to be lying down in a comfortable quiet place so you can fully experience the treatment on a conscious level.  For an Akashic Record reading, you should also be in a private quiet place, and be prepared to take notes.


We will set up a designated session time just as we do for in-person sessions. At the specified time, we typically meet via Zoom; we can also meet via phone call if you prefer (US-based numbers only).  From there, the session progresses just as with an in-person session. You can expect to experience the same sensations, messages, and results as you would in an in-person session.

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