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What is a 12-Strand Spiritual DNA Alignment?

Energetically speaking, we have 6 pair (12 strands) of DNA.  The first pair is the physical pair we learn about in high school biology.  But the other 5 pair are non-physical, and dictate things like your emotional profile, your archetype, your “soul family”, and more.

Your Soul Star stores the energetic potential for all aspects of our Soul's Mission. When any part of this energetic potential passes from our Soul Star down through our body all the way down to the Earth, it will then manifest in our life. Unfortunately, energy suppressed into our body’s cellular memory can limit this energetic potential as it travels earthward though our body, and can even prevent us from manifesting the potential.


A 12-Strand DNA alignment supports the downward movement of this energetic potential from Soul Star to Earth using IET sacred geometric symbols that can clear our resistance to living the energetic potential of our soul's mission as they bring your 12-Stand DNA into alignment with our soul's

This service is usually included in a 1-hour healing session, unless Linda is called to spend more time elsewhere.  During festivals and other special events, Linda offers this as part of a "mini" 10-minute session.

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