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What is a Soulstar Clearing?

Your Soul Star, or 8th chakra, stores the energetic potential for all aspects of your Soul's Mission - what the Divine has in store for you to bring you joy while in service to others, to be shared with you only in alignment with your self-will. 


With a Soulstar Clearing, Linda will first clear this energy center as she would with any other energy center.  We then create an energy vortex together to pull the Soulstar energy down through your full energetic being, and connect it with ground and your Earth Star. 


This will facilitate, at the right and perfect time for you, your ability to envision and understand the contents of your Soulstar, then merge it with your self-will, and finally take action on it to bring it to reality.

This service is usually included in a 1-hour healing session, unless Linda is called to spend more time elsewhere.  During festivals and special events, Linda is offers this as part of a "mini" 10-minute session.

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