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Woman showing joy in nature after a reiki session

~ Find your Joy ~
~ Restore your Empowerment ~


(for People and for Pets)

At Pathway Of Joy, I know that each of my clients is unique.  Each is dealing with a different set of life challenges and opportunities.  Because of that, I offer a broad array of energy healing services (such as Integrated Energy Therapy®, Reiki, and more) along with empathic readings. 


Don't know which service to choose?  That's ok... I can help you to decide with a free initial consultation

I am here to support your whole family. My clients range from fetus to end-of-life transition. And yes, I can support your little dog (or  whatever) too with my Pet Services.

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& W

(Publicly & Privately scheduled)

"...teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime..."

All of my workshops are designed to empower you to support yourself, and to support others in your life as well.

Join me for certification training, personal transformation, manifestation, and sharing.

I also offer workshops specifically for the children in your life.

Most of my events are available as private events, in addition to the public offerings.

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(Spiritual, Interpersonal, Business/Technical)

We have different hopes and desires.  We have different strengths and abilities.  We are driven by different values and influences.


By comprehensively exploring and addressing all of these aspects of YOU, we can help you to find more excitement, energy and success in your endeavors.

My approach supports you in identifying and addressing barriers to your success, whether they be personal / interpersonal, energetic, or logistical / technical. We then work a plan to remove the barriers.

Let's talk!

A fellow traveller had to have that classic jumping photo in this amazing place in the mid

MY MISSION... Pathway Of Joy is to support my clients in finding greater joy in their everyday life. My belief is that joy is our natural state of being, but often we lose sight of that through life hardships, behaviors of those around us, and stresses that are seemingly beyond our control. All of my services and events are designed to help you to take your empowerment back. To find that balance between following your heart's desires, living a compassionate life, being accountable for what is within your control, and releasing attachment to what is not within your control.

~ Linda Anzelc Huitt

Holistic Practitioner, Teacher & Coach


I had a nice energy healing session with Linda earlier today... She's an incredibly warm and gifted energy practitioner who does Reiki, IET, Theta Healing, Akashic Records readings, and several more wonderful modalities.

This is one of the ways I keep my mind, body, and Spirit aligned and in tune with my best & highest Self so I can continually provide quality sessions to you all.

What have you done to take care of yourself today?

Crystal B.

Energy Healing client


In 2021, I was honored to be invited to share my story... my journey... as part of an amazing collaboration with 19 other Soul Warriors.  In my chapter, I talk about my "waking up", learning how to work with energy and my intuition, and many interesting and synchronistic occurrences that validated my journey.  I also explain that you can do this too!

Click on the book image to learn more, and maybe order your autographed copy.

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