Healing Services for People and Pets

To schedule an appointment, please visit our Book Online page.


  • All session times include time to discuss your goals, a follow-up discussion, and (as needed) time for you to ground. 

  • Sessions for people run 30 to 90 minutes, depending on service or combination of services chosen.

  • Services for pets run 30 to 90-minute, depending on animal size, and services selected.  Readings for pets run 15-30 minutes, depending on questions.  Healing sessions for pets vary by animal size.

  • If you are interested in a shorter or longer session, please contact us discuss schedule and cost.

For a full description of what to expect during a session, please refer to the corresponding "Learn more" link.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, I am currently scheduling no in-person private sessions or events.  However all private sessions (for people and for pets) are available as Distant services.  Also, I am offering "Virtual" events, with a live video connection over Zoom, wherever possible.  SEE ALL CURRENTLY AVAILABLE SERVICES AND EVENTS ON OUR BOOKING PAGE.

Combined Session (90 minutes, in person or distant)

Receive a 30 minute Akashic Records reading or ThetaHealing® session followed by an Energy Healing session.  Other services may be combined as well.

Energy Healing / Empowerment Session - IET® + Reiki  (60 minutes, in person or distant)


Linda will employ light-touch techniques of IET, Usui Reiki and/or Kundalini Reiki, based on your specific healing / empowerment intentions, and how she is guided.  This will help you to clear your energy field and bring your empowerment energy to the forefront.  Examples: Replace Anger with Forgiveness, Heartache with Love, Stress with Ease.

Linda often receives Divine messages on your behalf during your session to share with you.  As a result of an Energy session, many clients experience improved overall energy, joy and empowerment. Learn more...

Akashic Records Readings (30-60 minutes, in person or distant)

The Akashic Records contain the vibrational records of every soul and its journey through all of time since its creation. These records can be accessed to gain greater insight into situations and relationships that are either currently happening or have happened in your life, as well as to get guidance on how to handle a situation or decision. Learn more... 

$55 - $90
Animal Healing session & Readings (30-90 minutes, in person or distant)

With your permission, Linda is able to conduct IET and Reiki healing sessions for the non-human animals in your life, and read their Akashic Records.​  You can choose an energy healing session, a reading, or combine services into a longer session.

Energy Healing Session lengths vary by pet size:

Akashic Record readings can be scheduled for 15-30 minutes, depending on your questions.

(For a combined healing / reading for your pet, add the time for the two services together, and schedule accordingly.)

$55 - $110
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