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ALLOWING yourself to Receive!

Several years ago, I had one of my biggest ah-ha moments. It was all about what it means to "allow".

A quick online search of the definition of Allow (from Oxford Languages) yields:

  1. give (someone) permission to do something. "the dissident was allowed to leave the country" [I've never been big on needing permission... let's see the next option]

  2. give the necessary time or opportunity for. "he stopped for a moment to allow his eyes to adjust" [Well this definition is a bit of a snooze too]

With such mundane definitions, no wonder it took me so many years... decades... to realize what Allow REALLY means, and how important this simple word is.

The breakthrough for me came when I took a workshop titled "Quantum Spoon Bending" with an amazing man, Gene Ang ( This workshop had been recommended to me early on in my own metaphysical studies and practice, to help me become more comfortable with the fact that I can and do work with energy.

In this workshop, Gene took us through four simple steps to bend forks. Just normal forks that you can buy at any department store. This wasn't about brute strength or force, but it was about bending the forks easily, with a gentle hold at the tips of the utensil.

...this is a disaster...

As we began our first try at bending our forks, I was being barraged with silent negative self-talk rolling around in my very logical brain... "Linda you are not going to be able to bend it... you might be the ONLY one who can't... you are going to be found to be a fraud... what were you thinking anyway? ... you're not special enough to do this..." ugh!!! But we began, and there was no way out! The four steps were simply: energize it, express your intention, allow, bend it. I was good with the first two steps, but I had no idea what was meant to "allow" in this context, and my nightmare (at first) came true... my fork would not bend! [Panic setting in]

I continued to hold onto my stubbornly rigid fork at both ends, as one person after another found their success. I finally turned to the woman next to me, and asked her how it felt when hers did bend (she was the first one). We then continued to chat about her life, and I was really enjoying our conversation.

Then suddenly, I realized that my fork felt "different". I can't explain it any other way. So I bent it!! Easily, with just my fingertips, and even bent the tines in interesting directions. Yayyyy!!! I did it!

So why do I think I was able to finally bend the fork? Because I ALLOWED it to bend... All of my negative self-talk was DIS-allowing it. Or more accurately, it was disallowing me to do what I really really wanted to do in that moment... bend a fork. When I started the conversation with the other woman, I got out of my head, and was really interested in what she had to say. I was no longer disallowing.

I would love to help YOU to Allow!!

I channeled a meditation from my guides, asking them for a meditative journey with a theme of Allowing. You can find it on the Pathway Of Joy channel on YouTube, or simply click on the image below:


Your turn!

What have been some of your ah-ha moments? Either about "allowing", or any other enlightening life learning? I invite you to sign in and share.

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