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The Art of the Balance

Straddling the line between 5D and 3D

We are hearing so much now about the shift to “5D consciousness”. I have been feeling it myself and seeing it increasingly in my clients. It is exciting, and confusing, and comforting, and overwhelming – all at once. In my life, I am finding that I personally have one foot firmly in the 3D and the other one exploring the 5D. Some might find that duality to be frustrating. After all, as a Lightworker and a spiritual being, fully embracing the shift, should not I be leading the way into the 5D and putting out the welcome mat for everyone else? Well, I don’t think so. I do not believe that to be my role, and at least for now I am happy with that.

Let’s take a moment and explore why I believe it is important for myself, and many like me, to not push on into the 5D too rapidly.

Tour Guide

Think about taking a trip to a foreign land. One that has different customs and a different language. For sake of this illustration, I will talk about taking a trip to India. I have several friends and former colleagues from India. I have enjoyed their cultural celebrations with them, and what a beautiful experience! But it was here in my native land, within the framework of what is familiar to me.

Now, what if I were invited to join a celebration with them in India! That would be amazing and overwhelming all at once. How would I even prepare for that? There are many languages spoken in India and I can speak none of them. Their food is different. Their transportation system is different. Even their clothing is different. Am I making too much of this? I have no idea! The thought of finding my way around in India unassisted, and avoiding making any cultural faux pas, would be a little scary for me.

So I would seek a tour guide – someone who knows how to get around in India but also understands my language, and my culture. The tour guide would have a role, in essence, of keeping one foot in American cultural knowledge and one in Indian cultural knowledge, to guide me through the experience. Oh I feel better already!

Now let’s shift back to what this means for me, right now. I am that “tour guide” for many of my clients. I have some clients who seem to be lightyears ahead of me with their experiences, but sometimes struggle with continuing to fit in our human 3D existence. And I have other clients who are just beginning to wake up to their spiritual selves, or who are changing their perspective but are not yet quite sure how things fit. I love that I get to support clients no matter where they are on this spectrum of the shift, and in that process, I continue to learn and grow. The only way I can be successful at what I do, for the types of clients who find me, is to straddle that line of 3D and 5D.

Maintaining Context

Another reason that I am quite content with my rate of shift is that, quite frankly, I love my life! (Uh, ok, but what does that have to do with moving into 5D?)

My life revolves around the people in my life. It is other people (and of course our beloved pets) that make our life experiences richer, right? I am a member of a large family – both my birth family and the family that has grown around me with my husband, stepchildren, and grandchildren. I have a wonderful network of friends and colleagues – some whom I have known for decades, and others that I met a week ago. I live in a rural Maine community that I am just starting to get to know. One common observation that I have, as I look across my family, friends, and community, is that there is tremendous diversity on where members are in their own spiritual evolution and aspirations. And I desire to continue to stay connected with members of all these groups, and in fact deepen my connections with them, regardless of where they are or desire to be dimensionally.

By keeping myself flexible and fluid, I can enjoy all of my human connections. I am equally comfortable out dancing with my sisters as I am when I experience sound healing or talk with colleagues about how various Ascended Masters and Angels have helped me out. It all feels natural to me, and I am blessed to enjoy this fluidity in my life.

Walking the Beam

Ok, now that I have convinced you (hopefully) that you do not need to fret about being somewhere in the middle of the road in the 3D to 5D shift, what words of wisdom can I offer to keep you from falling off the balance beam?

  1. DON’T PANIC!! Great advice taken from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. You are where you are. You know what you know. You feel what you feel. Your journey is yours, and no two journeys are alike. So, the next time your self-proclaimed evolved and enlightened friend looks down their nose at you telling you how they are in 5D, just say, from your heart “good for you” and don’t be intimidated. Maybe even ask them how it is for them – what is better now and what is a struggle – but only if you are really interested. No pressure here. And the next time your 3D friends wonder what you must be smoking, suddenly stop talking when you enter the room, and tell you that they do not understand you anymore, just tell them “That’s ok” and leave it be. If they want to know more, they will ask. Just rest in the contentment of knowing what you know and being who you are. You are perfect as you are.

  2. Find a like-minded community. There’s always room for more community in your life, and there is always room for more members of any good community. Find a group – a meditation or discussion group, a workshop, a festival or expo – where you can engage with others who are on a similar journey. It is amazing how much you can learn from and teach to others, all at the same time.

  3. Seek professional help. No this is not a judgement, or in any way implying that you need “fixing.” But engaging the support of a Lightworker or a Spiritual Teacher / Coach can help you to manage through the tricky days, embrace the amazing days, and even help you to help others. This is where your 3D-to-5D Tour Guide comes in. There are many of us here to support you, with a wide range of experiences, specialties, styles, and techniques. So do not be afraid to be selective. Find the Tour Guide that works for your type of journey.

How is YOUR shift going?

I hope that you have found this article to be helpful. Or at the very least, entertaining! Perhaps it answered some questions for you (“yes, I actually AM normal… yay!”), and raised other questions ("what happened to 4D???”). Either way, I hope that you embrace and enjoy your journey.

I invite you to sign in and share your perspective on the 3D and 5D worlds...


(Footnote: I originally wrote this article in 2023 for the inaugural edition of Lily & Sage magazine. The article is shared here with full awareness of the L&S publisher.)

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