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Everyday Alchemy: Energy Into Objects

The moments I feel the most happiness in my life are when I feel connected and inspired. I feel it most often when I am imbuing my Freyja’s Apothecary beauty products with intention. This is when I am most in the present moment, connected and in the flow. My bliss is elevated in knowing that that will continue to flow out into the world, in other’s lives, their environment, etc. raising the frequency as it goes along. There is an inarguable elevation of fulfillment when I receive feedback from customers about the effects that my concoctions have on them during their healing work, physical healing, in sifting a mood, clearing work, protection work and bringing comforting memories from their past.

Infusing materials with energy came to me many years ago when I was going through my Saturn return and my life was a roller coaster. Feeling lost, unsupported and at the mercy of what life threw at me, in a fit of self-pity I decided to be more responsible for myself and the direction in life because no one else was going to do it, right?!

In doing that, learned about my own power for magic!

Around the same time, it seemed like out of nowhere when a friend asked me to do a commissioned painting for his new glass blowing studio. I jumped at the chance and we collaborated on the subject and style. When he asked what I like to paint, I said “ the image of a sun,” but I didn’t want to just do your typical landscape, so we decide on a multimedia sun. I thought about his space and the intention of the new space and symbolism of him being an Aquarius (Air Sign) and that Leo (Sun/Fire) is his opposite. As I concentrated on that I heard very clearly “purification through fire“. I decided then and there that the intention would be exactly that!

What is your intention? Keep it for the Highest and Best Good

I was about a week overdue with the painting when I knew I would see him at a party and wanted to show him it was done, but it wasn’t the right time to bring it to him. So I took a polaroid of the painting with me. When I saw him, I gave him the picture and then moved on quickly after. By the next time I saw him maybe 20 minutes later he said to me “ I feel like I could walk into this and walk out a different man!” I couldn't believe he used those exact words!

I often thought about that as I went about my spiritual path, but it wasn't until my friend/fellow lightworker Kathleen Stone said to use what I use to stir my products with like a magic wand that it hit me so strongly again. Just like the paint, why couldn’t I infuse that with whatever my intention was. Now I see an enticing opportunity to collaborate with others to do the same.

Intentions for the Future

Business Card from Zazzle photo by TJ Arnold

It’s now been four years of producing energy infused products. The Holidays are here again and I delight envisioning all of the gifts given that spread this joy even further. As I contemplate the future I see it as an opportunity to bring even more happiness into my every day and others. I have decided to offer private label products for Lightworkers to infuse with the unique combination of the energies they work with and their specific intentions. My first collaboration will be with Pathway of Joy! You can learn more about the healing modalities she works with here: Episode 55 – How Alternative Therapies Can Help You and Your Pet with Linda Huitt

Pathway of Joy has been a sacred space and celebration of divinity and healing that I treasure! It is through Linda and her space/teachings/and holding space that I am where I am now. It is in full gratitude that I share in this space cradled in the energy of The Pathway of Joy and Linda Huitt!


TJ Arnold is the sole proprietor of Freyja’s Apothecary Natural Infused Bodycare Products, as well as a teacher of dowsing, astrology, clearing and manifestation, a reader and lightworker. The apothecary is in her home in the Parkside neighborhood of Portland, Maine where she lives with her husband of many years and their two rescue cats Frankie and Sammy.

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