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Manifestation Mishaps!

The ins and outs of speaking and living intentionally…

Those of us who have studied and practiced manifestation techniques know that rule #1 is that we create our own reality. Sometimes that’s a bit hard to believe, but I have had several experiences… both with intended and unintended consequences. Some are a bit comical. I hope you enjoy learning from my experiences:

  • Cracked Up!

  • Nothing out, Nothing in...

  • The cost of a Divine education


Cracked up!

My husband and I own a loooootttt of wine glasses. We each brought quite a collection into our union when we merged households about 30 years ago. As I was unpacking from our most recent move in December 2014, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about what to do with all of this stemware in our slightly downsized move.

...more than I could break in a lifetime...

As I unwrapped the umpteenth wine glass, I remember saying to Mike that “we have more wine glasses than we could break in a lifetime”, and I repeated a similar observation to one or two more people that day. And wouldn’t you know it… I broke a glass! As I continued to lament to others the burden of unwrapping these beautiful items, I broke two more glasses in two more days, both by very light impact (something you would not have expected to break the glass).

Then my “ah ha” moment came as I was unwrapping another, and starting to utter those works again “…more than I could break in a lifetime…” and I laughed at myself. I had created that reality, and the Universe was going to prove to me that I could, in fact, easily break them all in a lifetime (perhaps in a single month at the rate I was going). So, I changed my tune to "I have PLENTY of wine glasses to share with friends and family!" And wouldn’t you know it… I have not broken a single glass since, even though it’s now been nearly four years. Coincidence? Or a humorous Divine life lesson?

Nothing out, Nothing in…

Almost two years ago, a woman showed up at my office for her appointment a couple of minutes late. She was a bit out of breath, and apologized that she had forgotten her wallet. I said that was ok… we could have her session, and I would send her an online invoice, and she agreed to pay it the moment she got home. We had a lovely session, gave each other a hug, and she left. I had a few minutes before my next client, so I sent the promised invoice, expecting to see a payment by end of day.

Nothing. Zippo. Zilch. No payment. Hhhmmm…. Well everyone forgets, and she was a bit stressed after all, and left my office all blissed out. So I sent her a reminder. Crickets…nothing. I waited a couple of days and thought perhaps it was too much for her current budget, so I sent her a note, and a text, and a phone call, all offering to break it into smaller payments for her. Again, NOTHING! How strange!! And then she started blocking my calls too.

I was getting pretty blue about the situation and my disappointment. Disappointed in her for betraying my trust, and disappointed in myself for not holding to my business policies. And to top it off, my client volume seemed to be tapering off… I was not nearly as busy as I desired to be… leaving me more time to fret about the whole situation.

"Giving" includes "FORgiving"

So then, another ah ha moment. The rules of abundance. You need to give in order to receive. Giving takes many forms, including FORgiving… forgiving actions, forgiving hurts, and yes, forgiving debts. So, I decided to formally forgive this woman, and her debt. I wrote her a note, asking her to consider paying forward a kindness, and that I was writing off her expense. It was enough money to be significant to me… it would have paid about a quarter of my office rent for the month. But it was not so much that it would break me. Best to let it go.

When you GIVE, you become open to RECEIVE!

And here’s the really cool part… within hours of me releasing this debt – figuratively opening my right hand to “give” – I was contacted by a new client, making appointments for herself as well as her sweet canine fur baby. This client is one of the sweetest and most generous people I know, and she became a regular client as well as a friend. She also has been generous in sharing her wisdom with me about some incredible experiences in her life; I value all the time I spend with her. She is an example of my left hand now very open to “receive”, all as part of that flow of abundance.

After that, business picked up for me. And often if I find myself in a bit of a dry spell, I can pinpoint something I am doing to restrict myself out of frustration, fear, or doubt. Releasing those constraints on my ability to give, time and again, opens me up to receive.

The cost of a Divine education

A few years back, I decided to take some training for a healing approach that was very new to me. I had heard wonderful things about it, so decided it must be part of my calling. The tuition was a bit more than I had paid for other training, and I needed to also pay for out-of-town lodging, but I decided to take the plunge. While I enjoyed the training, and the energy, I felt like I really wasn’t getting it. Kind of a fish out of water experience, which is foreign to me. And some things happened after the training that made me doubt whether I should have been there at all. Finally I had a reading, and one of my Guides gave me this message: “sometimes you need to attend training for a reason other than the training itself”. Oh, I get it now! It was perhaps to form some of the new relationships I made that weekend, or perhaps to learn more about standing in my power. Ok. Lesson learned, but what an expensive lesson that was!

Investment of TIME and MONEY... but WHY??

Then early this year, I invested in some radio media support out of New York. It seemed like a lot of money, but the radio salesman was excellent at his job I must say! He convinced me that I would make the money back and then some. So I made the investment. That particular interview didn’t go so well. The host didn’t cover the things I had asked him to cover. And I didn’t make a nickel back on that one. Ok, so what’s my lesson here? Trust my instincts, stand in my power, yadda yadda yadda. Ok, got it. Yet another very expensive lesson!

The lesson is SO SIMPLE, yet was so hard to see...

And there have been a couple other costly lessons. And for the past few years, I’ve been saying to myself and others “my lessons from Spirit tend to be VERY expensive!” OH YIKES there it is… I’ve been creating my own reality. This struck me just a couple of weeks ago - that my own words have been costing me.

So, I have changed my tune. “My lessons from Spirit come to me with clarity and ease. Each one bringing an increased flow of abundance, financially and otherwise.” So far, so good!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my stories.

Speaking and behaving with positive intention is so important. Try it. You’ll feel really good about yourself. One nice little saying that one of my recent students taught me is to start a sentence with “Up until now…” when speaking of the behaviors or experiences you’re ready to shed. “Up until now, my lessons have been expensive. From now on, they come with ease and abundance.”

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