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What It Means To Be A Joy Jumper

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Recently I received a reading from a dear friend and amazing reader Holly Ireland.  The most profound and interesting thing from that reading that has stuck with me and become a sort of personal mantra is "I am a Joy Jumper" and "That's ok".

I realized that I used to feel bad about my bright shiny object syndrome or what some might call adult ADD or any number of labels that... honestly don't feel that good - they feel bad and judgmental.  And then about a year or so ago I was talking about how frustrating it sometimes is to want to do so many different things, to jump from job to job, from passion to passion; and my wonderful friend Leonor McGinn, a gifted healer and hypnotherapist, described me as a multi-faceted jewel and I have to say, that felt pretty good too.  Yes that made sense to me.  I have many passions, many skills and talents that make up who I am and what I do.  I am by no means my friends, a one trick pony "A person or thing with only one special feature, talent or area of expertise."

I am good at a lot of different things so I do a lot of different things - teach, healing sessions, paint, jewelry, coaching, writing, websites, marketing..... and sometimes it can feel exhausting.  Now what does it mean when something I'm doing is feeling exhausting? It means that I've lost my feeling of joy while doing it.   So what do I do? I jump to the next thing that feels joyful.   And if that no longer feels joyful, I put it aside and jump to the next joyful activity. And do you know what? IT IS OK! 

Joy is our purpose.  I even wrote an article about it "follow your bliss" years ago; but now I have an even deeper understanding of this process of finding our bliss, finding our joy and always follow what feels good and joyful.  This is what we are here to do!

I hope you will enjoy this video by Abraham "Your Purpose is Joy"

Artwork credit: Joy Of Freedom by Freydoon Rassouli


About Marie Deforge: Marie is a Healer, Teacher, Artist, WildWitch, Gardener, Spiritual Guide, Manifestation Coach & Intuitive Oracle Reader. She resides in northern Maine with her husband and fur babies. She offers services both in-person and as distant services. Learn more about Marie, and the many services and workshops she offers, at

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