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Not-too-scary Ghost Stories

You're never really alone...

Probably most of our readers have had some sort of ghostly encounters in their life. I'm sharing a few of my personal stories here, along with a few insights. I would love to hear some of your ghost stories in the comments!

Night Watchman

It’s late. I’m all alone in my client’s office at one of our State’s buildings. Working long hours to meet a deadline back in the days of my IT consulting career. You know how that goes.

Suddenly, a door opens and closes. “Hello” I call… no answer. “Who’s there?”… no answer. The door is to the men’s restroom, which is completely contained within our office suite – only one entrance to it. By now, I’m a little freaked out. I place a call to security, and within minutes I have two capable rescuers arrive in the office suite. While one searches the space (finding no sign of any other human), the other stays with me, and tells me of other “ghost stories” in the building… “Sometimes the keyboard keys in the mailroom start clicking when no one is there…” and he goes on from there, with the story of an alleged murder by a scorned lover, and so on. Yikes!! I am more than happy to pack my stuff, and accept the offer of being escorted to my car.

Another time – same office – I was working late with one of my colleagues. Just the two of us, sitting a few cubicles away from each other and in line of sight of each other. Then we hear a crash on the other side of the wall. We walk around to find that a shelf of one person’s cubicle fell off the wall, all the manuals now scattered on the floor. Keep in mind the shelf had been there for months, if not years, sturdily holding up with whatever books and paperwork was placed upon it. I examined the brackets – no sign of weakness. I put the shelf back in place and leaned on it – no signs of weakness. There is no physical reason to explain the collapse of the shelf. I then told my colleague the story of the men’s restroom door. We both decided that was enough for the night, and headed home.

It was rare that I worked late, alone, after that. I got the message – the building was ours during the day, but perhaps it was “theirs” at night.

Innkeeper's Helper

One of my “hobby” careers at one time was to Inn-sit. Friends of mine owned a lovely old inn in a beach community near Portland. A couple times a week I would leave my day-job after a long and stressful day, drive to the inn, and relieve the owners for the night. It was a win-win situation. For me, it was a social thing. I got to greet guests, help staff members with restaurant duties, get a good night’s sleep in a guest room with ocean breezes wafting through the windows, and more social activity the next day putting out morning coffee and muffins for the guests, before heading back to my day-job, fully refreshed. For the owners of the inn, this gave them a couple of nights a week away from the inn, just for themselves, during Maine’s busy summer season.

I had heard the inn was “haunted”, but wasn't really concerned. Well one evening when I was doing my early evening rounds to turn on lights for the night, the third floor had no working hallway lights. So I turned on the light in the guest room at the end of the hall and left the door open, since no one was staying in that room. In fact no one was staying on that floor – we just had a couple of guests that night, and they were placed in more convenient second floor rooms. Then in the morning, in my rounds to turn the lights off, I found that the light in the room at the end of the hall was off. I assumed the bulb had burned out, but no… it had been switched off. Checking with the guests, neither had been to the third floor, and no one else had been in the building during the night.

Apparently I had a “helper” at the inn. Nothing scary or creepy on this one… just a sense that “someone” decided to help me with my rounds. Hhhmmm...

The Cat's Meow

We’re cat people. In the course of our marriage, Mike and I have had five feline fur-babies… three now are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, and two still are sharing our home.

The most recent to depart for the Bridge was our Dexter. He was a big, handsome long-haired “tuxedo” cat. I believe he must have been part Siamese, as he was extremely vocal. His vocabulary was quite varied, and extremely loud. We knew where he was day and night. His sister Emma, on the other hand, always spoke with a soft, demure “ehh”, never speaking above a whisper.

A few days after we said goodbye to Dexter, I woke to the feline call of “MAWWW”, very loud. My heart skipped a beat thinking for an instant it was my Dexter, but then I remembered, sadly, that he was gone. So I got out of bed to see what was up. There at the foot of the stairs was Emma looking up at me, bright eyed. Never before had she uttered a sound that could be heard more than a few feet away, never mind loud enough to wake me up half-way across the house! I had heard that sometimes when a pet leaves, a surviving pet might “share” its physical body with the soul of the deceased pet. Emma and Dexter had shared many experiences in their decade together, so it’s no surprise that Emma was able to serve as a channel for Dexter.

Emma’s voice has softened again in the years that Dexter has been gone. But it was such a comfort to have him continue to speak to us for a while through his sweet sister.

The bond between our fur-babies lives beyond "life"

So, what’s my point? You’re never alone! I firmly believe, based on my own first-hand experiences, that we have a spiritual presence around us all of the time. Be it angels, ascended masters, God, “ghosts”, or whatever other non-physical beings there may be. I also believe most are here to support us, teach us, and at times, entertain us. I personally find this comforting. I love to feel the presence of loved ones who have transitioned. I have had prayers to Jesus answered in very real and immediate ways. I have had missing objects disappear and then return mysteriously, accompanied by "signs" with clear messages for me. These experiences have been both humbling and empowering for me. If you are open to this presence, it can bring great joy and comfort into your life.

Do you have a not-too-scary ghost story to share? Log in and share in the comments here!

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