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Finding Strength through Kindness

In the classic A Streetcar Named Desire, the lead character Blanche says "Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." In that line, Blanch is talking about her expectation of being treated with kindness and respect, however delusional this may be for her in the moment, and the psychosis that she is struggling with. Still, the quote and her expectation, have a sweetness about them. What if we could rely upon kindness from the strangers we encounter? What if we could share kindness with every stranger we encounter? But we know that is definitely not always the case. How can we get to a place where kindness is the norm?

Sometimes it is easier to take up a cause and join a movement than it is to act on our own. Sometimes it takes courage to be kind and compassionate for example, and acting alone can be scary. So why not a kindness for strangers movement... that would certainly be worthy cause! And it would be a great start!

And then there is kindness toward friends and family. Our human nature is to let down our guard with those whom we know well. That's when our true self tends to come out. It can be exhausting to always be "on our game" so to speak with our family members and dearest friends who love us unconditionally. Ever hear the saying "you always hurt the ones you love"? I have. I know in moments of exhaustion I've lost patience with people I love the most, and I dare say I've experienced the other side of that equation as well. Those wounds from a loved one can be the most painful! IT brinds to mind for me the song Easy to Be Hard (by Three Dog Night) from the musical Hair:

How can people be so heartless? How can people be so cruel? Easy to be hard. Easy to be cold.

How can people have no feeling? How can they ignore their friends? Easy to be proud. Easy to say no.

Especially people who care about strangers; who care about evil and social injustice... Do you only care about the bleeding crowd? How about a needed friend? I need a friend...

Wouldn't it be great if we could just effortlessly remain in a place of kindness? Toward self and others, toward strangers and friends, and anticipate kindness to be returned to us too? It is commonly accepted that "like" attracts "like". Perhaps your mother told you "you get what you give"; so why not give kindness?

It stands to reason sharing kindness will foster kindness... you reap what you sow! Kindness is contagious! I love hearing "pay it forward" and "random acts of kindness" stories of someone paying for the person behind them in a takeout line, or a youth hurrying to help an elderly person with a door or their groceries. When I experience or observe these acts, it motivates me to do the same. These small and unexpected actions can make such a difference for the other person. And what does it do for YOU when you commit a random act of kindness?? For me, I can feel it build joy in my heart. It lightens my day, regardless of what weight I am carrying. It strengthens me!

Strength through Kindness

Here is a bit of kindness that my Guides and I have created for you. I asked my Guides for a mediation on Kindness, and they did not disappoint! I had envisioned that we would somehow tap into the spreading of kindness much like a dandelion shares its seeds far and wide. But instead, in this meditation my Guides take us to the ocean, from the perspective of an innocent little clam in need of kindness and support. And WOW what a difference this little clam made in the world by just being open to the possibility of Kindness.

So please join me on the Pathway Of Joy YouTube channel and enjoy the "Strength Through Kindness" meditation, gifted to us by my Guides:

(By the way, I would like to say THANK YOU to my dear friend Cheryl B. who gifted me the Kindness Matters decal depicted here that proudly adorns my rear bumper.)


I welcome you to sign in and share comments on how you have shared kindness, or received kindness, and how that has impacted you.

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