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You ARE Worthy!! 💗

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

– in my friends and clients, and quite frankly sometimes in myself – in doubt of “worthiness”. This can show up as:

  • abundance blocks ("Why can't I afford what my neighbor has?", "Where are my clients?', and so on),

  • loneliness in all of its forms ("Why did she leave me? I must not have been good enough for her.", "I can't rely on my friends.")

  • uncertainty and other constraining beliefs (“He’s so talented… I could never do that!”, “That will take more time than I have.”).

But what if you knew that you were worthy… you ARE worthy… to have all that your heart desires, and probably much more?

My belief and experience is that if you hold your desires and intentions in alignment with the highest good (e.g., you are not seeking harm to anyone or anything), then it’s a matter of inviting, having patience, allowing, and being open to how your wishes are fulfilled. Of those four, in my experience, the third one, allowing, can be the most challenging, and the last one, openness, just requires you to be a little more observant.

Some support in realizing your worthiness...

For this month’s blog, I decide to put my head and my heart together with the two other woman who share space with me at the Pathway Of Joy studio: Kimberly Sweatt of Heartfelt Holistic Healing, and Donna Shaw of Inner Mirror Healing Arts. I asked each of them to put together a few thoughts on how to clear worthiness blocks and open up to allowing what you desire to come to you.

  • Donna shares her thoughts on Hypnosis.

  • Kim is offering some thoughts on EFT, otherwise known as “Tapping”.

  • And I channeled a Worthiness meditation for you.

We hope you find empowerment through our offerings to you here!


What is Hypnosis & How Can It Help Change Your Thoughts

Donna Shaw, CH, RMT, Inner Mirror Healing

Most people describe hypnosis as “a peaceful restful state where they are 100% aware, in control and very relaxed.” In fact, hypnosis is medically defined as:

A very deep, relaxed trance state of consciousness in which one has heightened awareness, focus and concentration.

In this trance state our conscious or critical mind is bypassed allowing us to work directly within the subconscious mind.

Because our subconscious mind takes everything as literal it is our greatest gift for creating changes in our lives such as self-worth. While seeking a Certified Hypnotherapist is needed in cases with deep-rooted issues, there are many issues we can take care of ourselves by learning and using self-hypnosis. Worthiness, self-confidence, and self-esteem are great examples of things many of us need more of and can achieve with self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis can break the cycle of being caught up in the constant negative self-appraisal, when we have become our worst critic, dictating failure to ourselves instead of success.

Inner Mirror Healing Arts

This may seem like a hard thing to break free from, but self-hypnosis suggestions are made for things like this! Similar to affirmations, self-hypnosis suggestions can be incorporated into our daily lives easily and effectively. With positive self-hypnosis suggestions we are able to turn our negative thought patterns into positive ones, gain more confidence and allow ourselves to feel more worthy in our daily lives. With our new positive outlook on ourselves we may just get that new dream job we have been longing for! Give it a try at

If you have any questions or would like to see about hypnotherapy or would like to set up an appointment with Donna, please email her at at


Emotional Freedom Technique

Kimberly Sweatt, Heartfelt Holistic Healing

Are you ready to let go of what is limiting you from feeling your best? Do you have feelings of unworthiness? Doubting your worth causes blocks which keep you from allowing all that is good for you to come to you.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) is one of the easiest ways to make big changes in your life. As a personal care tool, its effectiveness is unparalleled, and you can radically change your life for the better. The power is literally in your hands.

The most beautiful thing about this incredible technique is how simple and quick it is. It does not take much time to learn or use it. With tapping, you can work on just about anything that is holding you back. Works well with issues like worthiness, stress, anxiety, addictions, past traumas, physical pain, grief and more. When you use EFT, you are literally “tapping” into your body’s natural ability to right itself.

For more information and a tap along video on worthiness, please see Kim's website at Heartfelt Holistic Healing | Helping You Balance Mind, Body and Spirit.


Worthiness… a Guided Meditation

Linda Huitt, Pathway Of Joy

Please gift yourself about 25 minutes to relax, close your eyes, and come along on a guided journey to Worthiness. We will travel into a forest, surrounded my magnificent trees, and soothing sounds, smells, and textures. And then we will remember our worthiness. During the meditation, you will receive a gift to bring back from the meditation with you to keep the vibration alive.

My meditations are always a surprise to me… I set a general intention, and then open up to whatever my Guides offer me to share.

So, get comfortable, and click on the image or link below to launch into the meditation.


Your turn!

What do you have to share or ask about in remembering YOUR worthiness?

I invite you to sign in to my website and share your comments.

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