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… with a little help from my friends…

We all go through “stuff”. Events and situations that cause us to feel sad, powerless, frustrated, maybe a little angry, and generally weighed down. I’m no exception here. Even with all the work I do to maintain my spiritual and emotional well-being, there are things beyond my control that get to me.

I have a situation like that going on in my life currently. Some sort of riff in the energy between myself and a person whom I care about deeply and love unconditionally. Yet in human terms, at this time it is out of my control. While the riff itself was revealed to me, the cause was not. I can do nothing more than wait. Respect the space of the other and wait. Ugh. Waiting and waiting some more. Not something I am comfortable doing, being a “type A” personality. I am by nature a driver and a problem solver (as is the other person). I’m the one that many of my friends look to for advice, encouragement, and helping them to become unstuck (as is the other person too – yes I am seeing a pattern here and my spiritual mirrors are up, but I still have not fully integrated the lesson apparently).

Fortunately for me, I also have many friends who show up at just the right time. Do you have friends like that? Who just seem to appear, call you, or send you a text just when you need them most?

Shortly after the riff was revealed to me, after a few sleepless nights of waiting, I engaged one of my favorite fellow Lightworkers to help heal the karmic band between us. I was finally able to get some sleep after that, and was comforted by some helpful wisdom from my Lightworker friend. But still, I kept turning it over in my brain and my heart, trying to pinpoint what I did wrong.

Then, earlier this week during my Energy Share, a small group of dear women helped me to release energetically, emotionally, and mentally on this issue further. One of them was able to also offer me perspective from the other side of the relationship, which really helped my thinking brain to relax a bit and get more comfortable with the wait. And even though I am still waiting, I have been able to release much of the negativity that has been impacting me.

My point with all of this (other than immense gratitude for the network of support that I have around me) is that we ALL sometimes need help from our friends to release negativity around us and within us. If you know who those special friends are, reach out to them. If you do not believe yourself to have that kind of friend in your life, please know that there are individuals and communities who can support you in your releasing. Whether it be an energy healer and life coach like myself, a Meetup group of people who share your interests, a recovery group for deeper barriers you seek to release, or maybe a kind stranger that happens to be in the same place at the same time with you, with a sympathetic ear and wisdom in their eyes. And of course there is always your higher Divine power – whether you refer to that presence as God, Goddess, Allah, Angels, Universe, Creator, Jesus, or any other label that resonates with you – that presence is there to listen to us, guide us, and love us unconditionally. I know I am never alone. YOU are never alone.


If you find this article to be helpful with perspective on releasing negativity in your life, I invite you to sign in and comment. And if you know of someone else who is struggling to release some negativity that is weighing them down, consider sharing this article with them (and also being that friend for them).

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